Live Blood Analysis

Microscopic Insight: Unveiling Hidden Health Imbalances through Blood Analysis

To initiate the analysis, a small blood sample extracted from the patient's fingertip is carefully placed onto a microscope slide. This slide is then covered with a glass slip to prevent dehydration, allowing for detailed examination under high magnification using a brightfield microscope. Through this method, numerous concealed imbalances can be revealed, encompassing issues related to blood circulation, digestive system irregularities, free radical damage and toxicity, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, stress on the liver and kidneys, elevated acidity levels, presence of parasites, yeast, Candida, and the accumulation of heavy metals, among various other potential health indicators.


ETA Scan

Pioneering Precision: ETA-Scan Unveils Organ Imbalances Through Advanced Frequency Analysis

The ETA-Scan offers intricate graphics portraying the scanned organ or structure, featuring symbols indicating low energy, deterioration, or overload. These imbalances may stem from various sources such as viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, processed foods, environmental toxins, and even emotional trauma. Much like radio channels with unique frequencies, each cell and organ in the human body possesses its distinct wave frequency. These frequencies can be precisely measured and juxtaposed with the databank-stored standards based on age and gender, reflecting healthy tissue frequencies. This facilitates the identification and isolation of confirmed anomalies in diseased or imbalanced tissue, providing a comprehensive diagnostic approach.


Quantum Magnetic Resonance

Revolutionizing Health Diagnosis and Material Analysis: The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser's Innovative Approach

The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser eliminates the necessity for ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance, or radiography in addressing diverse health conditions. By merely holding sensors in your palm, health information from different body systems can be gathered within minutes. This analyser introduces fresh benefits in material analysis, surpassing the scope of tissue examination and other medical uses. It gauges the extent and nature of a substance's response under examination and aids in identifying deviations from the intended response by comparing it with a reference material.


Customized Diet

Unlocking Health Mysteries: Tailoring Diets for Personalized Wellness

In our extensive client experience, we've noticed significant variations within families, despite members sharing identical diets. Certain blood types show distinct predispositions, with one group more susceptible to ulcers and another leaning towards cancer.

Exercise preferences, weight dynamics, and specific vitamin deficiencies also vary among blood type groups. While blood type-based diets prove effective, many overlook crucial health aspects. Our improved approach balances variety and sustainability, addressing factors like blood sugar control and pH balance for a comprehensive and effective dietary strategy.


Sugar, PH Test, Blood Pressure, Blood Group

Empowering Wellness: Understanding Key Health Indicators for Informed Decisions

Monitoring vital health indicators, such as blood sugar levels, pH balance, blood pressure, and blood type, provides crucial insights into overall well-being. Blood sugar tests offer real-time data for adjusting diet or exercise, assessing diabetes medication effectiveness, and managing treatment goals. Maintaining a slightly alkaline pH (around 7.35) is optimal for preventing pathogen development and potential organ damage. Understanding blood pressure helps evaluate cardiovascular health. Additionally, knowing your blood type provides key information about inherited substances on red blood cells, guiding personalized health strategies. These tests collectively empower proactive and holistic well-being decisions.